In the context of an e-commerce site, the word “blog” has come to broadly mean an area of your website that is added to with regular articles to inform and keep your customers (or potential customers!) up to date with what’s happening at your store.

It’s good to have a strategy with your blog that is manageable and sustainable for your team so that you can post regular, informative articles that attract prospective customers to your store.

Blog posts can have images too which is great for promoting the launch of a new product, for example. Images can be floated (with wrapping text) or they can be placed inline. And, with Shopify, it’s super easy to place product images into blog posts withought needing to upload them again.

Blog posts can also have headings

And other formatting so it’s a good idea not to make them simply a long monologue but to make it engaging give it a bit of “texture.”