Main features


  • Multiple logo placement options—in navbar, full-width below header, or in sidebar
  • Optional retina images for background image
  • Fixed or un-fixed navbar
  • Optional search field in navbar
  • Optional crumb trail
  • Configurable “type-ahead” collection for search field
  • Custom favicon
  • Custom “Touch” icons (in multiple sizes for iPod Touch, Retina iPhone and iPad)

Typography, layout, slideshow and colors

  • Numerous typography settings including typefaces, sizing and line-spacing
  • Google Fonts and Typekit support
  • Lots of color control from headings and body copy to navbars, buttons and boxes
  • Optional sidebar layout with configurable linklists, collections etc.
  • Newsletter signup form with optional MailChimp support
  • Twitter feed
  • Configurable featured collection and featured products on homepage
  • Slideshow with lots of options including captions/overlay, click-through links etc.
  • Optional social media buttons on products page
  • Configurable footer menus and social media icons

Products and collections

  • Configurable "add to cart" placement on products page (above or below description)
  • Optional Sale and Out of Stock labels on products
  • Optional related products on products page
  • Multi-currency support (for browsing—Shopify only allows a single currency for checkout)

Localization and advanced features

  • Extensive localization options making it easy to “translate” or modify most links and buttons throughout the store
  • Toggleable inclusion of all Twitter Bootstrap javascript libraries
  • Easily add additional scripts before </head> or </body> in the theme settings for tracking codes etc.